An-Nahdhah : Jurnal Pendidikan, Komunikasi dan Keagamaan <p>An-Nahdhah adalah jurnal yang dikelola oleh Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam Nias (STAI-Nias), sebagai sarana bagi para dosen, peneliti, maupun mahasiswa untuk mempublikasikan tulisan dan karya ilmiahnya, dengan fokus kajian pada bidang pendidikan, komunikasi dan keagamaan</p> en-US An-Nahdhah : Jurnal Pendidikan, Komunikasi dan Keagamaan 2614-848X JARINGAN KOMUNIKASI ORGANISASI (STUDI ANALISIS DI KANTOR KEMENTERIAN AGAMA NIAS UTARA) <p><em>This study discusses the analysis of organizational communication networks in the Office of the Ministry of Religion in North Nias. This is done in order to see the type of communication network that occurs whether it is ideal or not. Apart from that, because of how important the role of communication networks is in an organizational communication at an institution or company for the smooth running of the program activities carried out. This research is included in the study of organizational communication literature which is a branch of study of applied communication science. The results found that there were two forms of communication networks at the Office of the Ministry of Religion in North Nias, namely: first, formal communication consisting of upward communication; downward communication; and horizontal communication. Second, informal communication flows outside the formal organizational structure.</em></p> Arnan Lubis Copyright (c) 2023 Arnan Lubis 2023-02-16 2023-02-16 5 2 PEMAHAMAN DAKWAH KEAGAMAAN SALAFI DAN KEGADUHAN DI TENGAH MASYARAKAT SERTA SOLUSI PENYELESAIANNYA <p><em>This research discusses the understanding of salafi religious preaching in society which always raises uproar in society. This research is included in the literature review with the stages of analysis in the form of data reduction, data exposure, and conclusions/verification. The results show that Salafi understanding tends to be textual in understanding the Qur'an and Hadith, from this ability it has an impact on an understanding that traditions that live in a good society, which have never existed in the Koran and Hadith are always considered as a wrong understanding (bid'ah and shirk), even contrary to Islamic teachings. One solution that must be done so that salafi understanding does not develop is to pay special attention to the ustadz concerned to stop understanding that does not lead to noise, for example by giving priority to the Ministry of Religion's religious extension officers to carry out a data collection program for ustadz who tend to make noise and provide understanding considered good for the sake of maintaining peace and religious tolerance.</em></p> Nurbiah Pohan Copyright (c) 2023 Nurbiah Pohan 2023-02-12 2023-02-12 5 2 PENGEMBANGAN KURIKULUM: KONSEP PADA KURIKULUM MANAJEMEN PENDIDIKAN ISLAM <p><em>Curriculum development directs the current curriculum towards the expected educational goals because of various positive influences that come from outside or from within themselves, with the hope that students can face their future well. Therefore curriculum development should be adaptive, anticipatory, and applicable. This study aims to determine models of curriculum development. The type of research used is library research or library research. Sources of data obtained data through journals and books. This study uses content analysis techniques. This study shows that there are several models used to develop curriculum including: Roger's interpersonal relation model, Emerging technical models, The Systematic action-research model, The Administrative (Line-Staff) Model, The Grass-Roots Model, Tyler's Model, Taba's Inverted Model, Beauchamp's System Model. This means that curriculum development activities need a model that is used as a theoretical basis for carrying out appropriate activities.</em></p> Djaehan Tanjung Copyright (c) 2023 Djaehan Tanjung 2023-02-12 2023-02-12 5 2 PEMBENTUKAN KARAKTER RELIGIUS SANTRI MELALUI KHALAQOH DI PESANTREN UMMI KALSUM GUNUNGSITOLI <p><em>Halaqoh is a method of Islamic education that was once carried out by the Prophet Muhammad SAW when he was carrying out Islamic da'wah. However, in line with its development, halaqoh is used as a method of Islamic education which is carried out programmatically with predetermined material descriptions as applied by P. The process of forming the religious character of students through the internalization of religious culture created by conditioning activities that are programmed and carried out repeatedly on every aspect of life at school, among the religious culture that exists in the halaqoh method are as follows tahfidz Qur'an, qiroati kutub, congregational prayers in every prayer, reading yasin and tahlil every Friday night, morning wirid and implementing the wisdom of every halaqoh activity in students. The halaqoh method is conveyed by using understanding, habituation and exemplary.</em></p> Robiah Nasution Copyright (c) 2023 Robiah Nasution 2023-02-12 2023-02-12 5 2 PERENCANAAN KURIKULUM: KONSEP PENGEMBANGAN DALAM MPI <p><em>Curriculum development is an important thing to do. In developing the curriculum, of course, you must have a mature plan. In this study will be reviewed regarding curriculum development planning. The purpose of this research is how the curriculum development planning process takes place and what are the things we need to know before carrying out a plan in developing a curriculum. The method used in collecting data regarding the curriculum development planning process is a conceptual study or literature study. The data obtained comes from books, journals, and other sources. The results of this study are regarding matters that must be considered in curriculum development planning, namely how to prepare a curriculum development plan, what are the principles contained in curriculum development, what are the characteristics of curriculum development planning, what is the framework in curriculum development planning and how curriculum development planning procedures. By applying the curriculum development planning process, it is hoped that it will facilitate the curriculum development process and the curriculum development planning process can become a reference for developing learning in achieving quality education.</em></p> Ali Marzuki Zebua Najih Mar’ie Zebua Copyright (c) 2023 Ali Marzuki Zebua, Najih Mar’ie Zebua 2023-02-12 2023-02-12 5 2